Non-Woven - Angle Grinder

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Non-Woven METAL

SAIT-Strip Type 27
Fast, safe removal of surface contaminants
Excellent for cleaning welds, removing corrosion, rust, scaling, and blending

Heavy duty
Excellent for removing surface coatings and contaminants, including rust
General purpose
Excellent for removing surface coatings and light rust
Very fine
Excellent for blending and finishing
Unitized Type 27 Wheels
Series 524 - Soft Density, Medium Grade, Silicon Carbide Grain
General purpose cleaning, finishing and polishing
Series 732 - Medium Density, Fine Grade, Silicon Carbide Grain
Light pressure for blending and finishing
High edge durability
Series 811 - Hard Density, Coarse Grade, Aluminum Oxide Grain
Highest stock removal and edge breaking capability
Most aggressive for deburring
Series 821 - Hard Density, Medium Grade, Aluminum Oxide Grain
Provides high stock removal, long life and productivity
Very durable on edge
Buffing Discs
Premium quality buffing material
Designed for final cosmetic finishing
Available in hook and loop and SAIT-LOK-R

Non-Woven Flap Discs METAL

Sand-Light(tm)Flap Disc
Sand-LightTM Flap Discs
Durable material is suitable for surface preparation, cleaning, and finishing applications
Contains more usable material, and longer disc life than conventional Sand LightTM discs
Layered flaps create a thicker, cushioned design which provides a better finish