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Software & Automation Solutions


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Product Description

TigerStop® has a suite of software options to fit your work flow. Send jobs from your design software to your TigerStop® with ease.

Clipboard™ is TigerStop®’s touch screen part list processing and visual optimizing software platform.
Clipboard Screenshot
TigerLink 6™
Easily connect your office computer to your TigerStop® with TigerLink 6™. Send jobs from your design software or other custom file, directly to TigerStop®.
TigerLink 6-01
Using TigerSet™, you can control TigerStop® from a custom software program, PLC or a barcode scanner. TigerSet™ includes a feature rich command set that allows you to know where TigerStop® is, tell it to go somewhere and even monitor the inputs and outputs.
Barcode Scanner Pic
Dynamic Optimization™
TigerStop®’s Dynamic Optimization™ will scan your part list and determine the best way to cut your parts to give you maximum use of your material, saving 33% material on average. Dynamic Optimization™ can be added to any TigerStop® when built or can be added as an upgrade at any time.
Dynamic Optimization2

Label Printing
Use as a stand alone option to print your length and quantity information, or pair with Clipboard™ / TigerLink 6™ and print custom, user defined labels for all your parts!

Automation Solutions – TigerStop® Interconnect Kits

In conjunction with customer or dealer-supplied safety guards, TigerStop Interconnect Kits (either Standard or Advanced) facilitate precise control and automation between the TigerStop positioning system and your machine.
TigerStop Advanced Interconnect Kit:

  • Controls the movement of your saw or other machine tool.
  • Prevents material movement when the tool is not in the safe position.
  • Starts and stops tool’s action and enhances performance by controlling the tool’s air supply using
  • the air control solenoid.
  • Can be configured for full automation of your TigerStop work station, with appropriate safety guards.

TigerStop Standard Interconnect Kit:

  • Included with most TigerStop products.
  • Prevents tool movement when TigerStop is in motion.
  • Prevents TigerStop movement when tool is in motion.