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Product Description

Find the perfect fit for your TigerStop®
If you have an application, you can bet that TigerStop® has an accessory to help push, pull or position your material. It doesn’t matter if you have a TigerStop®, TigerTurbo™, Heavy Duty 2™… we have a solution for you!

 Pusher Foot TS-01  Miter Gauge TS-01
Gangstop TS-01 Extended Pusher Foot TS-01
Extended Miter Gauge TS-01 Spring Buffer TS-01
Pusher Miter Fence TS-01 Center Pusher TS-01
Center Gripper TigerStop-01 Backfence Gripper-01
Pusher Foot TT - HD2-01 Gangstop TT - HD2-01
Spring Buffer TT - HD2-01 Gripper TT - HD2-01